Electricians on site companion free ebook

Title: Electricians On Site Companion

The Author: Christopher Kitcher

File format: PDF

Volume: 170 pages

File Size: 8.9MB

Book’s Content:

  • Design considerations
  • Types of supply system and earthing arrangements
  • Earth electrodes
  • Protective bonding
  • Diversity
  • Cable calculation
  • Socket outlet circuits
  • Safe isolation
  • Isolation and switching
  • Periodic inspection volt drop
  • Installing an electric shower
  • Two-way and intermediate switching
  • Fault finding in central heating
  • Electrical installation fault finding
  • Changing an immersion heater
  • RCD tripping faults
  • Electric motors
  • Use of RCDs
  • Calculating the maximum Zs
  • Fire protection
  • Index

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